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  • Air Bra in Pakistan

    Aire Bra in Pakistan | Ahh Bra in Pakistan | Slim n Lift Are Bra in Pakistan


    Air Bra in Pakistan is an unrest in the realm of underpants and has been demonstrated the best thinning and lifting bra till date. The principle mystery of this bra lies in the Forever Fit innovation that has been woven directly into this Slim 'N Lift® Air Bra™ price in pakistan. This Seamless Aire Bra has particularly been intended to give you the required support and solace, liberating you from the unending torment of slipping straps, excruciating snares and protruding edges. Air Bra in Pakistan This item is fundamentally a non-wired air bra made of stretchable Nylon and spandex material with wide flexible band that gives astounding backing for your dynamic way of life, giving more noteworthy simplicity and opportunity of development. Air Bra in Pakistan This bra is furnished with a fine work at the inward bust edge, and this enhances wind current accordingly giving you a great deal of solace. This Aire bra is as light as air and it focuses on all the inconvenience zones ladies need to settle particularly humiliating back fat and vague containers. Aire bra conceals lumps, knocks and moves along these lines making you look tight and trim.

    Features of Air Bra in Pakistan:


                Air bra is the most favored Bra by ladies around the world.

                Air bra gives you full scope of cleavage.

               Air bra gives legitimate shape , stances and solace.

              It Can be utilized as games bra as it can extend at solace

              Prefect fitting to all shapes and sizes

             Best quality fiber, contains 92% Nylon and 8 % spandex

             Machine launderable and safe for machine drying

             Highly sturdy as far as material and shading

            Seamless and smooth wrap up.

Air Bra Price In Pakistan

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