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  • V-Comb in Pakistan

    V-Comb in Pakistan | V-Comb Anti Lice Machine in Pakistan 

    V-Comb in Pakistan Head Lice Comb is a progressive and creative item that disposes of lice, nits and its eggs. It is the most common method for disposing of this issue. The V-Comb in Pakistan is essentially an electronic machine that has a stainless steel brush and it utilizes the suction energy to lift the lice and its remainders. V-Comb in Pakistan This progressive gadget works without the need of any chemicals and it can be utilized on men, ladies and kids. The V-Comb in Pakistan Head Lice Comb has a stainless steel brush that runs easily and pleasantly over the scalp to delicately lift the lice, nits and its eggs. V-Comb in Pakistan After suction, all the lice and its remainders are then sent to the licensed catch channel. This channel can without much of a stretch be joined to the center of the gadget and when the working has finished, at that point it can undoubtedly be segregated by the client. V-Comb in Pakistan It is prescribed to appropriately discard the channel by setting its cover for sterile purposes. The V-Comb Head Lice Comb keeps running by the AC current. V-Comb in Pakistan Every one of the clients simply need to connect to the link of the V-brush into the electrical attachment to make it work. V-Comb in Pakistan The thing about the V-brush Head Lice Comb is that every one of the clients can without much of a stretch utilize this gadget on the leaders of their children as well. The V-brush works best on dry hair, on the off chance that you have washed up, at that point it is important to first dry your hair before utilizing this item. V-Comb in Pakistan The V-brush head lice com will tenderly lift every one of the hints of lice, nits and its leftovers as you go over the hair. Out of alternate items accessible in the market, the V-brush is maybe the snappiest and most secure path among all. V-Comb in Pakistan The best thing about the stainless steel brush is that regardless of to what extent the hair client has; it will disobediently satisfy its motivation exactly and precisely. The V-brush likewise includes a light in which you can see that the status of the channel fillings.

    V-Comb in Pakistan The general cleaning of the V-brush is additionally on the simpler side. Clients simply need to physically clean the gadget with a delicate fabric after every treatment and that's it in a nutshell. The electric v-brush is intended to use by all individuals from the family with a different channel. The v-brush works best on the dry hair. V-Comb in Pakistan Presently you don't have to utilize the substandard and costly hostile to lice cleanser that frequently contains destructive chemicals and pesticides. Besides, these sorts of chemicals are similarly risky for children and they can even cause's brutality on the scalp of youngsters. Presently, all relatives don't need to grumble again for the lice by utilizing the adaptable V-Comb Head Lice Comb. V-Comb in Pakistan This multipurpose and helpful item can be an endless gift for men, ladies and offspring of any age. This must to have item is maybe the main hostile to lice answer for homes, magnificence salons, excellence parlors and other living spot. This V-Comb can be acquired only from the official establishment of Online Shopping.

    How to use the V-comb Head Lice Comb?

    This item is anything but difficult to utilize. It would be ideal if you focus on the accompanying lines so as to utilize this item in the best way:

    1.  First of all; you need to open the principle gathering of the V-brush to connect the channel.

    2. Gently draw of the get together and it will be open

    3.  Now, you need to put the channel in its space and after that you need to pivot the tip of the channel in a clockwise course, so it shut firmly

    4.  Now you are prepared to go. Place the connect of the machine to the standard electrical attachment to make it work

    5.  Now your machine is finished to begin. Press the ON the catch to begin the machine

    6. In the following stage, you need to delicately search over the hair in patches. It is prescribed to utilize the machine on the front side of the head and subsequently on the posterior

    7. As you go over the hair, the suction of the machine will lift every one of the hints of lice and traps in the channel. Along these lines you need to search over every one of the parts of the hair

    8. Remove the channel when you are done place the cover on its top. After that arranged off the channel at a more secure place

    9. You are finished

    Additional Features of the V-Comb Head Lice Comb:

    1. Chemical free hostile to lice treatment machine

    2. Features a blue LED

    3. Equipped with a solid stainless steel brush

    4. Works with AC

    5. Traps all the lice, nits and eggs in the expendable channel

    6. One gadget can be utilized by the entire family

    7. Uses the energy of suction

    8. Easy to utilize

    9. Made from most elevated quality material

    10. Compact and Portable

    11. Stylish Design

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