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  • Taser Gun in Pakistan

    Taser Gun in Pakistan | Stun Gun in Pakistan

    Taser Gun in Pakistan otherwise called High Power Stun Gun Torch For Women Self Defense is best self-protection weapon. Taser Gun in Pakistan is hot offering item everywhere throughout the world. Individuals feel safe with this Taser Gun. You can likewise utilize Taser Gun as a Torch and can likewise use as weapon on the off chance that you required.

    Taser Gun Features:

    10,00000 Volts Shocking Torch. Taser Gun in Pakistan Starting stun with Sound. ON/OFF catch with the goal that you can not press the stun catch by botch. This is an electric lamp with worked in covered internal immobilizer innovation. This unit sparkles a blinding 160 lumen light to enlighten far and brilliant, yet additionally viable for self-protection purposes. Taser Gun in Pakistan Start up the immobilizer and it transforms into a volt destroying self-protection gadget, sufficiently capable to battle and immobilize an aggressor. Produced using aluminum compound body empowering a stun safe, self-preservation and crisis glass breaker confront FLASHLIGHT. Hurl away those batteries and quit looking for electric lamps, this spotlight is completely rechargeable and has a decent quality knob.

Taser Gun Price In Pakistan

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