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  • Easy Feet in Pakistan

    The Easy-Feet shoe utilizes the altogether new, extraordinary and flexible approach to scour and wash your feet without the stress of being tumbling down each time you are scrubbing down or utilizing the bath. The fundamental key of the Easy-feet are a huge number of abounds on the top, base and side of the shoe. With the assistance of these abounds, you can shed, back rub or clean your feet without the need to twist down each time. The back some portion of the shoe comprises of the deliberately set pumice stone that expels the dead skin cells on the lower some portion of your heel. Numerous suction containers are put on the lower some portion of the shoe that enables your feet to mount for all intents and purposes on any surface including the floor, divider and even the sides of the bath.

    How Easy-Feet Cleaner Works?

    The cleaning procedure of the simple feet shoe is exceptionally basic, simple and does exclude any details whatsoever. The cleanser or whatever other cleaning specialist permits entering the top some portion of the shoe. The cleaning specialist or cleanser, then enters to the inward and base some portion of the foot that aides in viable cleaning. Keeping in mind the end goal to further upgrade the cleaning procedure, you simply need to move your feet in and out numerous circumstances to help the cleaning procedure. This item additionally helps in cleaning the toes, which you regularly think that its hard to do it physically. Aside from the cleaning, the shoe additionally permits the foot rub. This back rub enhances the flow of blood in the feet that guides in better wellbeing and state of your feet.

    Main Features:

    1.  It clean and back rub your feet in the best way.

    2.  Up to 1,000 deliberately set abounds that guides in better cleaning of the feet

    3.  Pumice stone disposes of the dead skin cells and it additionally diminishes your heel

    4.  Multiple suction containers that nearly hold to any surface

    5.  One size that fits all

    6.  Available Color: Blue

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