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  • Air Compressor For Car in Pakistan

    Air Compressor for Car in Pakistan Shop Now With Zavari.Pk!

    The new high-quality brand name. Ideal for tire inflating, floating rubber, hovercraft etc. 260PSI, normal car tires magnify about 5 minutes (> 30PSI). Powered by 12V / 12V cigarette lighter, once pressed on the switch, it will work automatically with low noise. Compact and portable, easy to use. Provide pressure gauge and 3 nozzle adapters Highlights: Maximum pressure: 260psi Weight: 850g Power cord length: 2.8m Pipe length: 50cm Material: PVC Power: 90W Size: 18*6.5cm

    Air Compressor for Car How To Use:

    Open the air compressor switch. After starting the air compressor, insert the air cock at the end of the inflation hose into the tire valve. When you hear the air leakage sound, you should twist the air cock to inflate the tires. When inflated, the indicator rises with the saturation level of the frames. When the indicator points to the appropriate tire pressure.

Air Compressor for Car Price In Pakistan

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