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  • Vital Khai Capsules in Pakistan

    Vital Khai in Pakistan | Vital Khai Capsules in Pakistan

    By using Vital Khai in Pakistan - our natural and organic supplement for male enhancement. You are introduced to a product that is able to increase sex drive and improve performance. Vital Khai Price in Pakistan After taking one bottle (10 capsules), the user feels the results kick in within 2hrs. Your stamina improves and energy kicks in as your libido rises. Vital Khai in Lahore Because of this increase, you are able to last longer, feel greater and conquer in bed. Vital Khai in Karachi All of this together will create a fantastic experience for you and your partner, and you’ll experience a new and better way to enjoy your sex life.

    Comprised of: - Watermelon Seed Extract - Red Ginseng - Black Pepper - Garlic - Citrus Legal Disclaimer:

    Must be 18 or older to Purchase this supplement.

    Vital Khai Legal Disclaimer:

    Vital Khai Available in Pakistan These products are supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Vital Khai in Islamabad This product is not a replacement for professional opinions of your doctor, physician, pharmacist, and/or health care professional. This product is not FDA, but contains natural ingredients of garlic extract, panax ginseng powder, mandarin orange peel extract, black pepper, watermelon extract. Individual results may vary. Product is developed in South Korea and approved by the South Korean MINISTRY OF FOOD AND DRUG SAFETY

Vital Khai Capsules Price In Pakistan

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