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  • Nicer Dicer Fusion in Pakistan

    Nicer Dicer Fusion in Pakistan | Salad Chef in Pakistan

    Planning solid, new, cleaved organic product and vegetables has never been less demanding Intense sustenance arrangement and totally without power More pleasant Dicer Fusion – Chopper and Slicer The adaptable sustenance arrangement station Presenting the Nicer Dicer Fusion from Thane, the adaptable sustenance arrangement station that cuts, dices, cleaves, Julienne's, shreds, solid shapes, and quarters across the board kitchen set that plans nourishment and family dinners, quicker than you at any point thought conceivable!

    – Chop two tomatoes on the double: no issue.

    – Cubed carrots: idealize 3D squares in seconds.

    – Lime wedges for a gathering: eight on the double.

    – Small difficult to cut sustenance: no more!

    Utilize the Nicer Dicer Fusion's vast cutting edges for entire sustenances: give it a press, you get exactness cuts each and every time. With the Nicer Dicer Fusion, eating soundly with crisply cleaved products of the soil and your other most loved nourishments has never been less demanding Take the Nicer Dicer Handle off, put the Nicer Slicer on. Dial in the thickness of the cut that you need, and you're speed cutting! Utilize the Food Holder to protect fingers while cutting and nothing goes to squander. Or, on the other hand, include the Handy Hopper that stores and cuts little, sensitive nourishments like tomatoes, grapes and garlic in seconds!

    The Nicer Dicer Fusion has a brilliant, auto lift cutting cover that snaps onto the unmistakable acrylic, non-slip holder for idealize cuts each time with exceptionally quick cutting performance.With simply the press of a catch, sustenance falls ideal once again into the compartment, so there is no wreckage abandoned. You get the Stay Fresh Lid, to seal, stack, store or for suppers in a hurry and crisp solid snacks amid the day. You get three cutting sharp edges and nourishment stamps, the Nicer Slicer with customizable edges, Food Holder and Handy Hopper! All cutting edges are exchangeable for basically any cut or event and are dishwasher safe.

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