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  • H20 Mop X5 in Pakistan

    H20 Mop X5 in Pakistan | Mop X5 Steam Cleaner in Pakistan

    Intended to altogether perfect and help sterilize every one of the surfaces in your home without unforgiving chemicals. In seconds the effective H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer changes over conventional water into super warmed. Regardless of whether it's the washroom or kitchen, nursery or terrace flame broil - now you can GREEN CLEAN with Variable Steam settings that make the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer ideal for practically any cleaning work.

    Floor H20 Mop X5:

    The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer is a super flexibility and light floor wipe. The super-hot lab tried steam extricates the earth and grime while the microfiber lifts and secures it. Steam set high for overlay and marble. Steam set low for a streak free sparkle on fixed wood floors. Steam set in the middle of for tile, grout, artistic and that's just the beginning!

    Carpet Cleaner:

    The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE cover lightweight plane lets you effectively expel stains in addition to it revives and aerate your mats. Invigorate your floor coverings whenever since ou'll never need to lease a cover cleaner again.

    Hand-Held Steamer:

    The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer changes into the ideal hand-held steamer by clicking two straightforward catches. It accompanies the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush. Presently you have germ busting GREEN CLEANING steam in the palm of your hand. Expel the stink from your sink, launch built up on gunk even in tight spaces, steam away restroom messes you never need to touch.

    Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner:

    Append the 30 inch augmentation hose to the H2O X5™ steamer to clean windows, glass and mirrors without leaving irritating streaks and spreads. There's even a tidying wand connection that disposes of tidy bad dreams on blinds, railings and furniture.

    Garment Steamer:

    No all the more pressing, the H20 X5 steamer with the included piece of clothing hood is an incredible help. Substance free steam unwinds the texture so wrinkles just vanish. It additionally evacuates stains and body odors.

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