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  • Gym Ball in Pakistan

    Durable Anti-Burst 55cm fitness ball.

    Eco-Friendly with no smell.

    Box Contains: Instructions, Foot Pump, White Plug and Fitness Ball.

    Available in 3 colors: Silver, Pink and Purple.

    Diameter: 65cm (approx),

    Weight: 811g (without pump),

    Max user weight: 135KG

    Work your Muscles from your Head to your Toes.

    Tones muscles, develops balance, suitable for all fitness purposes.

    Inflation instruction: Take out the inserted white plug (air stopper) from the ball before pump, insert the tip of the pump and inflate the ball to the size you need (Max 65CM), and then replace the white plug back into the hole quickly. Now you can start your training

Gym Ball Price In Pakistan

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