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  • Fitness Pump in Pakistan

    Fitness Pump in Pakistan | Exercise Fitness Pump in Pakistan

    Wellness Pump is the new wellness device intended to reinforce and create chiseled pecs, triceps, deltoids, lats , and for conditioning abs, legs and rear end .

    The framework enables you to use the exemplary push-ups without breaking a sweat and less weakness. Wellness Pump makes the muscles work twice with a similar drive, diminishing the body weight by half and enabling you to keep up a decent stance for your back.

    Fitness Pump Features

    Designed to reproduce the exemplary push-up exercise yet with decreased back strain

    Exercises the pectorals, dorsals, deltoid and triceps muscle gatherings

    Manufactured from high review steel

    Compact when not being used for simple stockpiling

    Contributes to designed silouhette, firm conditioned body, great back stance, expanded trunk quality

    How It Works?

    The Classic push up rehashed: With the Fitness Pump you have three distinct grasps for a wide and finish scope of activities.

    Outside handle permits an extensive variety of developments that are working the muscles of the shoulders and back of the trunk.

    Inner Handle expands resistance and enables you to take a shot at the biceps, triceps, pectorals and the muscles of the trunk. This outcomes in a solid upgrade of the biceps for men however for ladies, brings about a bosom shaping and muscle tone of the arms.

    Best handle enables you to take a shot at the muscles of the shoulders and triceps on the lower arms. It shapes the muscles, tones and characterizes your trunk.

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