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  • Slim N Lift For Men in Pakistan

    Slim n Lift Slimming Vest For Men in Pakistan | Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan:

    Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan His is a consummately fitted delicate to the skin nylon spandex weave tank best that extends and backlashes as your body moves yet within are intense layers of nylon spandex sew restricting your trunk, leveling your paunch and squeezing against your back in bolster shaper clothing. Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan Destroy it to work or down the road, or as your energy undershirt, the pressure is a mystery amongst you and your piece of clothing. Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan A trunk fastener achievement! This is a great hot shapers for men who needs to appreciate a decent figure with a trim midriff and great wellbeing. Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan It is not a Girdle, nor a Corset, but rather a firmly fitted undershirt. Intended to give firm stomach bolster, littler midriff and strengthen the lower back. Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan The trunk territory looks tight and is held together.

    Slim n Lift for Men in Pakistan The sides of the vest highlight an emergencies cross spandex innovation to guarantee all ranges of the body are trimmed and firmly fitted in the vest uncommon weave of 12 weight indicates in the stomach zone guarantee better gut forming impact The Men's Body Shaper Singlet shields the spine from spinal pains and strong weakness.Slim n Lift for Men in Lahore  Animates solid conditioning in the mid-region and is agreeable, not at all like other comparative items available or Girdles. Slim n Lift for Men in Karachi need to deal with their looks as well; and this Slim N Lift Slimming Vest for Men will be ultra-useful thin body for man your body and give you that hot V shape figure. Slim n Lift for Men in Islamabad The Perfect midsection shapewear it can successfully trim unattractive lumps and place you fit as a fiddle once more. Just slip in it and let its versatile ribbed support in a split second straighten your tummy while the board solidifies your body and shaves stomach fat off your figure, giving you stunning six pack look.

    Slim n Lift for Men Specification and Features:

    Thin n lift particularly planned firming board to trim and fix protruding stomach

    Decreases hypodermic fat with standard wear

    Board firms-up your body and trim off your stomach fat for that six pack look

    Backings your back for revise pose

    Fits into your most loved shirts or T-shirts easily

    Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

    Shading Colour: White

Slim n Lift for Men Price In Pakistan

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